Looking for a Job in Dubai? These are the Best Recruitment Agencies

Moving to another country is not always easy. From trying to get a visa to other necessary travel documents, many people have been discouraged from pursuing their dreams. Dubai is one of those cities a lot of people dream to find a good job. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has undergone a dramatic transformation from a desert to a commercial in just two decades.

If you’re planning to move to Dubai and find a job, you’ve probably made the right choice. However, finding a job isn’t always easy, especially in a new city. This is why you should know about these recruitment agencies in Dubai that should make your job hunt easier.

Note that the recruitment agencies listed in this article have been carefully selected from a long list of similar agencies offering similar services. These recruitment agencies mentioned here have been tested by some of our users and most of them have something good to say about them.

BAC Middle East

BAC Middle East is by far one of the older recruitment agencies in the Middle East with its headquarter in the Dubai International Financial Center. It was established as far back as 1979 to provide professional recruitment to several companies. If you’re looking to get a job in Dubai, this should be your first stop.


Nadia is a recruitment agency was established in 1983 and it has been in the service of providing the right candidates for companies since. If you’re seeking for an employment in Dubai, you only need to check their website, upload your CV and wait to be matched with the right employer.


Bayt is acclaimed to be one of the best online recruitment agencies in Dubai. This recruitment agency lets you register on their website without charging for a fee. Jobs are listed by expertise and location. They have a huge database that keeps getting populated with jobs every minute. Although it’s not a physical recruitment agency, their online platform is superb compared with the rest.