Getting a Job in Dubai: 3 Important Steps You Must Take

For immigrants in Africa, Canada and Dubai top the list of job seekers. People looking for greener pastures often go to Dubai. Why are people trooping to Dubai? it’s definitely not just about the beauty of UAE as a while, it’s the ever-growing job market and the booming economy.

Planning to start a new life in Dubai? Get a good job and start earning big money? There are several steps involved and there are things you should put in mind. This article explains these in detail.

1. You must get a work visa

Before going to Dubai, be sure you apply for a work visa instead of a visitor or tourist visa. With a working Visa, you’re guaranteed not to have issues with authorities and this opens the door of several opportunities to you.

If you’re caught working in Dubai with a visitor visa, you might be deported. While getting into the country with a visitor visa is a great idea, you shouldn’t work when it’s all you have. However, once you find a job, your employer might help speed up the process of getting a work visa.

2. Health and labor cards are necessary

Once you get a work visa, your health status needs to be certified. For this process, you will need to submit your passport copies, medical records, photo, job offer letter and visa application to the Department of Health and Medical Services.

You will be tested for HIV, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis. if you have any of these diseases, you will not be allowed to reside in Dubai. Once you pass these tests, you will also need a labor card which involves sending your passport photo, employment contract, entry visa, medical records and your employer’s labor license to the Ministry of Labor.

Finally, you need to go in person to Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs to acquire a resident visa. You need to fill out the form and submit copies of necessary documents.

3. Use job recruiters

It’s easier finding jobs in Dubai if you use job recruiters. There are several online services that will help you find a job without charging you a penny. you only need to register with these sites. We have a previous article on the best recruitment agencies in Dubai. You might want to check them out.