Top Secret to Get a Job in Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom

It’s not always easy to move to another country in search of a job. Before you even plan to leave your country and start your job hunt or visa application, there are certain things you should do that would guarantee you a job in Jobs in Canada, Jobs in Australia or the Jobs in UK.

As a matter of fact, the secret revealed in this article can be applied to any country you intend to move to. You can hunt for jobs in these developed countries the same way you do in your country of residence. Things you might overlook, like how your CV is formatted, might make you lose your dream job.

Below, I list certain things you must do to secure your dream job abroad:

1. Change your name

I know this sounds very odd, but it’s true. Most of us with traditional names that are hard to pronounce might have employers scratching their  heads. For instance, if you name is Chukwuemeka Michael Ogunbusola, you might want to change it to Mike Chuks. Having an English name has its advantages.

Note that you don’t need to legally change your name, just have a short name like this to be used on certain occasions. I’ll explain why later.

2.  Clean up your social media profiles

Trust me, employers will search for your name to see how you conduct yourself on social media. If you’re one of those who publish offensive status and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this will hurt your job search.

3. Get a domain name

With the short name you coined for yourself, register a domain name. In the example given above, you might register a domain name like

4. Set up a simple personal website

Okay, I know you’re a little scared now, but this part too is easy. Setting up a simple personal website is cheaper than you think. It’s just a one-page website with a some details about you. Nothing fancy. If you don’t know how to do it, get someone to help you with it.

5. Set up a LinkedIn profile

You professional profile speaks a lot about you. This is why everyone looking for a job should be on LinkedIn with a detail profile. if you already have a profile on LinkedIn, check it and be sure it’s up to date. if you’re not registered already, open an account now!

6. Improve your CV

You see, in some countries, those unnecessary stuffs you put on your CV will get you rejected immediately. If you’re applying for a job in Australia, do some research on how an Australian CV is supposed to look like. Likewise if you’re applying for a job in Canada, take some time to find out the kind of CV formatting that appeals to Canadian employers.

7. Start hunting for jobs!!!

Now that you’ve done all these, it’s time to start hunting for jobs. Don’t fret, we do post some job openings on this site from time to time. You can start from our homepage. If you need more options, this might be a good time to see the jobs available on sites like

From all of us at MegaKnowledgeBase, we wish you the best of luck!