Dubai vs Canada: Where Should You Even Go?

Most immigrants who plan to spend the rest of their lives in another country prefer Dubai or Canada. Of course, these two places are the top choice for immigrants due to a lot of reasons. Since your livelihood depends on your job, these two places offer immigrants jobs and there’s little or no discrimination.

Are you confused as to where to start a new life? In this article, we take a look at how Canada differs from Dubai and possibly, this might help you make up your mind.

Canada has extreme weathers

If you don’t like extreme weathers, then you should probably go to Dubai. Canada can get extremely cold with snow covering everywhere. Dubai, on the other hand, doesn’t have this kind of extreme weather. As a matter of fact, you can shouldn’t find the weather in Dubai much different from what we have in Northern Africa.

No permanent residency in Dubai

Unlike Canada that lets you become a permanent resident and even grant you citizenship, UAE has no program like this for immigrants. No matter how long you stay in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you can never become a citizen, unfortunately. Canada, on the other hand, grants immigrants permanent residency and citizenship. if this matters a lot to you, Canada is your best bet.

Canada vs Dubai: Freedom vs Restrictions

As you already know, Dubai and all parts of United Arab Emirates operate a non-democratic system of government. This means you have to live by their restrictions and the rather tight rules and regulations of this country. Canada operates a democratic system of government that affords you the kind of freedom you might not have in Dubai.

Your choice

Now, it’s a matter of choice. Where you choose to go depends on what you consider better. Personally, I always advise people who want to start a new life abroad to go to Canada. This is because of the chance of getting permanent residency and citizenship. To know more about Canadian permanent residency visa, please read this article.

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