How to Go to Canada Without Paying Travel Agents

In the article we published a few days ago, we looked at the best option between settling down permanently in Canada and Dubai. In our survey, we realized that most people prefer to go to Canada for a lot of reasons. As a matter of fact, approximately 75% of our respondents chose Canada over Dubai.

How then do you get to Canada without wasting money on agents?

Unfortunately, a lot of people have fallen victim to fraudsters claiming to be travel agents. Several people have lost huge amount of money to dubious travel agents who only prey on their victim’s ignorance. Those who fall victim often do so due to lack of proper information and this is why this site was created in the first place.

The good news is that you can actually get to Canada without spending money on agents. The Canadian government made their immigration program accessible to everyone by setting up a self-service website for potential immigrants like you.

If you can register for Express Entry yourself, you’re almost there!

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an online system that the Canadian government uses to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. So, if you want to become a permanent resident of Canada, you should first apply for Express Entry. You should be aware that there are lots of immigration programs that are part of this Express Entry.

Benefits of Express Entry

You can easily get an ITA (Invitation To Apply) based on your performance in the online assessment. This makes you Visa acquisition even easier. You should know that the outcome all depends on your performance.

Find out if you’re eligible

Before proceeding, you need to check that you’re eligible to apply for Express Entry. All you need to do it answer a few questions. You will be asked questions about your:

  • nationality
  • age
  • language ability
  • family members
  • education
  • work experience
  • details on any job offer

Based on your answers, you will know what programs you may be eligible for. For this reason, you must be as accurate as you can.

How to get started with Express Entry

As mentioned before, you need to answer a few easy questions before proceeding. You can check this page on the official Canadian immigration website to get started.

Submitting your Express Entry profile

After submitting your profile, you will be on the list of applicants. Scoring as many points as possible during your online assessment increases your chance of getting an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

To submit your Express Entry profile, you need to create an account on the Canadian government website here. Be sure you are honest with your answers and ensure you score as many points as you can. We wish you the best of luck!