Canadian Immigrant Visa Categories You Should Know

Canada is one of the top choices for people looking to migrate and seek for greener pastures in other countries apart from their native homes. The government of Canada is more open to immigrants than many other countries, but it’s necessary that you have adequate information about the documents you need to migrate there, else you risk being rejected. Perhaps the most important document you need is your Canadian Visa.

Getting a Canadian Visa is not straightforward, as there are different Visa types and immigration programs. In addition, all potential immigrants to Canada have to fall into some predefined categories. Let’s take these one by one:


  1. Study Visa
  2. Permanent Visa
  3. Business Visa
  4. Working Visa
  5. Working Holiday Visa
  6. Visit Visa.


  1. International Students
  2. Businessmen/Investors
  3. Skilled Workers.


  1. Student Pathway
  2. Canadian Family Sponsorship
  3. Express Entry
  4. Provincial Nominee Programs
  5. Quebec Immigration.

As you must have guessed, getting a Canadian Visa is not free; you’ll have to pay a certain amount of money while applying for the Visa. The exact amount you pay is dependent on the Visa category you’re applying for. Here is a breakdown of the different fees for the different Canadian Visa categories:

  • Study Permit – 150 Canadian Dollars, covers future duration extensions.
  • Work Permit – 155 Canadian Dollars, covers future duration extensions.
  • Work Permit for Artistes and their crews – Max 100 Canadian Dollars
  • Visitor Visa (Single or Multiple Entries) – 100 Canadian Dollars, covers future duration extensions.
  • Visitor Visa (Families) – Max 500 Canadian Dollars
  • Visitor Record – 75 Canadian Dollars, covers future duration extensions.


As we already know that you want to immigrate to Canada, we always advise you to create an Express Entry profile. It’s the best way to get started. If you haven’t created your Express Entry profile on the Canadia government¬†website, now is the right time to do so.

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