4 Ways To Migrate to Dubai

Unlike Canada, Dubai (and UAE generally) does not grant foreigners citizenship. No matter how long you’ve been living in this country, you can never become a citizen and that’s the sad truth. So, how do you migrate to Dubai, get a job and start a new life in this Arab country?

Basically, there are four different ways to migrate to Dubai and we are going to explain each of these. Whichever you go for depends on what’s within your reach.

1. Get a job and acquire a work visa

This is the easiest and cheapest way to get to Dubai. Instead of going to the embassy first, you have to first look for a job in Dubai over the internet. However, you should be sure your employer is going to help you acquire a work visa. If you’re lucky, your employer might even cover your travel expenses. We have already listed the best recruitment agencies in Dubai and you might want to have look at that right here.

2. Visit Dubai first, find a job and acquire work visa

This is another way to settle down in Dubai, but you sure have to get a visit visa first. With this, you can enter the country, find a job and then apply for a work visa before your visit visa expires.

However, you should know that you may be arrested and deported if your visit visa expires and you’re yet to acquire a work visa.

3. Start a business and apply for a business visa

Well, this is a bit difficult because you need to have a valid business before applying for this kind of visa. You need to have a valid business you’re proposing to expand to Dubai before applying for this.

4. Buy a property in Dubai and apply for visa

I don’t need to say that you must be very rich to acquire visa to Dubai this way. Obviously, it’s not for everyone.


Since I understand your budget might be limited, I think your focus should be on the first option. Good luck!