How to Avoid Human Traffickers While Going Abroad

Unfortunately, so many Africans and Asians have fallen into the hands of human traffickers just because they want to leave their home country. This keeps happening all the time and sadly, governments across Asia and Africa are doing very little to stop this. How do you avoid this while going abroad? In this post, we look at ways to go abroad safely while avoiding human traffickers.

1. Don’t be desperate

While I understand you might be facing hardship in your home country, you should never be so desperate. When human traffickers sense desperation, they capitalize on this and you become a victim. Don’t be ready to jump on any shady offer, it might be a trap.

2. Don’t use random travel agents

I’m not sure you need travel agents but if you’re going to use any travel agent at all, be sure it’s registered with the government and the travel agent has a very good reputation. Using just a random guy as your travel agent is dangerous. You might get scammed and eventually become a victim of human trafficking.

3. Go through legal channels

No matter which country you want to travel to, be sure you’re following the legal channel. Do not buy a visa from a 3rd party, it might be fake. Do not bypass visa interviews and medicals just because someone promised they will do it for you.

4. Never go through Morocco, Libya, etc.

In Libya especially, Africans who want to cross to Europe are being captured and sold as slaves. Some Asians are also being sold to work as maids in certain countries. This has been happening for a while and a lot of people have fallen victim. This is why you should never try to enter any country as an illegal immigrant.

Even if you escape human traffickers and eventually cross to Europe, there’s a chance you would be arrested and deported back to your country.

Once again, be careful and stay safe.