These Are The Easiest Ways to Move to Canada

Everyone wants to go to Canada but unfortunately, not everybody knows how to get there. While Canada has dozens of immigration programs, you should also be aware that there are some easy ways to get to Canada. While these methods won’t work for everyone, I hope you would learn a thing or two by the time you’ reading.

1. Get transferred

Well, to be honest, this won’t work for everyone. This only applies to people who work in companies with a Canadian arm or subsidiary. This is called NAFTA Visa and trust me, it’s the fastest way to get to Canada. But like I said, it’s not for everyone.

2.  Get a job in Canada

This is another way to get to Canada, but you need to find a job first. The employer simply needs to report to Human Resources and Development Canada that no Canadian citizen was available to fill the position. Some employers will even help you get there. By the way, you can start your job search here.

3. Marry a Canadian

Personally, I’ve seen people move to Canada by marrying Canadians. There was even a certain case of a man who married a Canadian woman he met on a dating website.

This, by far, is the easiest way to become a Canadia citizen. However, the immigration office will be checking in on your relationship for two years. If you divorce within this time, you won’t be granted permanent residence.

4. Family sponsorship

This isn’t for everyone but if you a relative in Canada, they can sponsor you for permanent residence. If granted, you’ll be able to live, work, and/or study in Canada indefinitely.

5. Get a scholarship

For those willing to continue their education, gaining admission to a Canadian university by winning a scholarship is another sure way to relocate. Why not look here for a scholarship?

6. Seek Asylum

Every year, Canada welcomes approximately 30,000 refugees who have been persecuted in their home countries. There are two systems in place to seek asylum in Canada as a refugee.

The Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program works outside of Canada and the In-Canada Refugee Protection Process is for people who have already crossed the border.

The entire process may take up to 18 months, but many potential refugees are given permission to live and work in Canada in the meantime.