Going to Canada for Work? Don’t Get Turned Back at the Border

Successful businesses require certain trips to aid a bigger success in the businesses. It could be a trip within your country or out of the country. Countries like Canada have high records of business travelers coming to work for a short or long period of time. Reasons such as sustaining a major business deal, securing contracts, and the likes. Basically, Canada is a major business area for workers both in and outside the country.

Although, not being a citizen or a visitor in the country can cause an individual denial at the border, reasons being that working in Canada is totally different from being a visitor in Canada. On getting to the Canadian border, your status would be required, either you’re going for work or just visiting.

Getting turned down at this point twists a lot of things and causes problems for individuals especially if the nature of the business is time-dependent. So, therefore, the right documents and procedures to entering the country successfully are required for better work experience.

To be able to work in Canada, either for a short or long period of time, you must be prepared for work and work only. Lack of preparation is the major cause of denial at the border. According to the government of Canada, you would be considered a worker if;

  • You are being paid wages or commission for an activity you carry out
  • You are participating in an activity that directly poses competition to Canadian citizens or permanent residents in the labour market.

Once you are found participating in any of these, you would require a work permit amd other proper documents, so be prepared for serious business at the border to move on to the more serious business you would be working on within the country.

Since that is settled, your admission into Canada is still not guaranteed. One other major factor that could cause an individual denial at the border is his or her background criminal record. Regardless of how long ago such was recorded, your admission into the border could still be compromised. Common criminal records such as DUI, even in your home country, could cost you your admission into the country. Although, all problems have a solution, and this isn’t an exception, so luckily, not all criminal records cause you direct rejection. All you need to do is work on how to get your Temporary Resident Permit and work with an immigration lawyer.

The immigration lawyer aids you to apply for a Criminal Rehabilitation Application (CRA) and every other documentation you need. Although this is a really long and strenuous process, it would be important and worth the stress later in the future and pertaining your business success. The necessity you put in handling any past criminal record you have could save your future and business.

Once all that is settled, you can proceed to the border with confidence. Fear, anxiety or fidgety could raise suspicions, even if there is nothing in the least to be suspicious about. Border guards are serious-minded officers and are determined to protect their country by all means. They have the right the stop you and ask questions, any form of fidgety could raise the slightest suspicions and this is enough reason to get turned back at the border. So, it’s important to remain calm and answer your questions carefully and politely.

If you do not want to leave any pothole of entering the country, it’s advisable to notify your Immigration Lawyer, letting him know the day, time and route you’ll be taking to the border. This way, the lawyer could speak for you and defend you, on the phone or directly. So if you own a business whereby trips to Canada would be frequent, having your own immigration lawyer or lawyers would be on your side.

So in a nutshell, businesses that would involve little or more trips to Canada would require the following;

  • Proper preparation and documentation of necessary files
  • An Immigration Lawyer to nullify all past criminal records and defend you at the border if questioned
  • Confidence, since there’s nothing to be worried about, do not worry and fidget.

Once these three key step stones are skipped, you have a greater chance for entering the borders of Canada to work and participate in businesses, anytime it’s necessary.