Which is the Right Canadian Immigration Program For You?

Immigration programs in Canada are very important considering the fact that many a time, you’re visitors in the country. If you’re on this page, then you’ve probably decided on migrating to Canada, and that’s a good choice. The next step is to determine the right program for you.

Temporary residence

The first of such programs is temporary residence, for those intending to stay for a short while. In this program, your period of stay in the country and activities to be and not to be performed are clearly stated on this visa. This implies that your job in Canada is done once the visa is outdated. The best program to be considered if you’re in for a visit or tourism is the temporary visa.

Permanent visa

The next program to consider is the permanent visa. This program is for immigrants who have the mindset of staying in the country for a long period of time with hopes of working and building a career in the country. To apply for this, be sure to have met certain qualifications. Qualifications of such require Permits stated in the following paragraphs.

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Study permit

If you’re entering as a result of education or scholarship or as a student generally, you should have a study permit. This is necessary for courses with durations longer than half a year. Schools, where an individual has been accepted, would have to provide for him, a letter of acceptance and evidence of sufficient funds alongside other necessary documents.

Schools like Quebec have its own necessary documents, foreign students who got accepted to Quebec must apply for a Certificate of Acceptance to Quebec. It is only possible to apply for this certificate once you’ve been accepted into the school.

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Express Entry

One of the most common steps for proceeding into Canada is through Express entry. This is more popular than the rest because of it’s shorter span of processing. Although it is one of the easiest routes, only limited individuals are qualified for this stage. Individuals such as those under the Canadian experience class, Federal Skilled Workers and Federal Skilled Traders are eligible for this Express entry.

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Sponsorship program

Also, the sponsorship program is open to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents. There are two types of sponsorship programs. The inland sponsorship program is the program available for those living inside the country. The other one is the Outland sponsorship program, this is for those living outside the country. Dependent relatives, spouses and married couples are open for this nomination program. Married couples and spouses are usually nominated for a Spousal Sponsorship.

Provincial Nomination Program

The Provincial Nomination Program is also a way of becoming a permanent resident in Canada. This is a process whereby provinces work on immigration streams. According to the streams, Quebec has the highest record of immigration programs of all the provinces in the country.
If you’re entering Canada with the plan of being a regular visitor of the country, a single visa entry, a super visa, an electronic travel authorization, and a multiple entry visitor visa would be required. These documents are necessary for your eligibility status on visiting the country.

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Getting a work permit

Finally, your work permit. Every work permit has a period of validation. Having the privilege of working in Canada without being a citizen requires your work permit. In the work permit, your time and period of work privilege are stated clearly. The different types of work permit an individual can obtain are the Open Work Permit, Employer Specific Work Permit, Post-graduation Work Permit and an International Experience Canada.

The Employer Specific Work permit is issued to those who have employment offer by a business owner in the country. The Post-graduation Work Permit graces postgraduates with the privilege of working in the country. International Experience Canada allows individuals to travel and go on trips for work in the country.

The above points and highlights should be able to enable you to choose the perfect program for you, good luck.