Why You Should Consider Going to Canada Instead of the United States

While lots of migrants prefer to go to Canada, Austalia, or Dubai, some prefer to go to the United States. While the US is definitely a very good country with lots of opportunities for migrants, it’s clearly not the best. Why don’t we consider the United States the best place for African migrants at this moment? There are several reasons which we intend to discuss in this article.

The United States has tight immigration policies

Since the new administration in the United States, immigration policies changed. The United States isn’t as easy to access as it was some years back. For instance, the H1-B visa with which lots of skilled foreign users got into the US isn’t as easy to get like it used to be.

Apart from this, tighter immigration controls has seen people getting turned back at the border. In short, getting into the US to look for work isn’t particularly easy at this very point in time.

Racial discrimination: USA vs Canada

While this is a major problem in most parts of the world, it’s definitely worse in some countries. African migrants often find themselves at the receiving end of racial discrimination in a lot of cases. This is why you should be careful with the country you intend to find work and probably find work and spend the rest of your life.

Canada has a lot of tolerance towards black immigrants and this is why we recommend potential migrants to start a new life in this amazing country.

Job opportunities: USA vs Canada

The United States has fewer jobs for immigrants compared to Canada. This is a fact and this is why Canada actually welcomes migrant workers. If you actually put this factor above everything else, Canada should be your number one choice.

Getting Started with your Canada Immigration

As we always advise on this blog, getting things done yourself might be the way to go. Have you registered for Canadian Express Entry? If not, please create a profile on the Canadian government website, you might just get an ITA (Invitation fo Apply) and you’ll be on your way to Canada!

We wish you the best of luck.

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