Canadian Citizenship vs Permanent Residence: Which One is Better For Immigrants?

Considering the numerous advantages of becoming a citizen of Canada and the assurance of a successful career when this happens, Canada has become one of the top countries of choice for immigrants and other foreigners in general.

Becoming a Canadian citizen is not an easy task and it could take years to become a citizen, but there are easier ways of attaining the privileges that accrue to this group of people. Applying for a Permanent Residence could give foreigners the benefits of a Canadian citizen. Some of such benefits are education continuation, building your own career, travel access anywhere within the country, enjoying the privileges under the Canadian law and so on. One amazing advantage is the fact that you can have your Permanent Residence and still keep your home country’s citizenship.

In cases like this, foreigners can have dual citizenship depending on the law that applies in their home country. If the individual’s home country permits dual citizenship, then such individual has the advantage of both country’s privileges. Keeping in mind that even though applying for a Canadian Citizenship is not all that necessary, it has its own benefits too. Canadian Citizens can go into full-time politics and even participate in political activities. Also, a Canadian Citizen has travel access to many other countries that a permanent resident is not privileged to have.

For an immigrant or permanent resident who has a plan of becoming a full-time citizen, such individual should have spent at least 2 years out of a total of 5 years as a permanent resident. Individuals belonging to this category can proceed to becoming a full-time citizen. Foreigners with dual citizenship also have the privilege to serve in the specialized government agencies like the Canadian Army, the Canadian police, the defense, and many more.

Note that this process cannot be boycotted or skipped. Every legal process such as the Provincial Nomination Program, Quebec Immigration program, all lead to becoming a permanent resident. Only a Permanent resident is allowed to apply for the Canadian Citizenship, right after such an individual is qualified, i.e, such individual has spent 2 years out of 5years as a Permanent residence.