How to Get Permanent Residence in Canada Through Education

One reason why Canada has become a favorite destination for students from all over is because it offers a high standard of education as well as a high standard of living. On that note, many of these students don’t want to just study in Canada, they plan to live and work as permanent residents after graduating. If you belong to this category, then here’s how to go about it.

Get Due Accreditation as a Student of A Canadian University

The goal is to become a permanent resident of Canada using the gateway of Education. So, first and foremost, you should work at gaining admission to study in a Canadian institution. Not until then can you apply for a study permit.

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No government is ready to take on liabilities, so you must have proven that you can carry your own load in a foreign land. Once that is settled, with an Acceptance letter in hand, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can then issue you a Study permit which will give you a legal right to study in Canada, of course for a stipulated duration.

After Graduation, What Next?

When you have completed your course of study in a Canadian Institution, your study permit will not suffice to work for a Canadian company because study permits are only valid for the duration of your academic discipline. Therefore, you’ll have to obtain an Open Work Permit otherwise known as an Open Post-Graduation Work Permit. This takes you one step further in the journey to securing permanent residency in Canada.

Aid for Immigrant Students

To help all categories of students, be they prospective, current or graduate students find their way through the Canadian immigration system without hassles, there’s an online portal called The Study Hub. You should check that out.

Make Yourself Worth Keeping in The System

Once you have your Post-Graduation work permit, all there’s more to do is to build a professional profile that will keep you in demand in the Canadian work market. In other words, make yourself indispensable to the system. That way, you’re only going to have to renew your work permit when due.

So, unarguably, if you’re seeking permanent residency in Canada, Education in Canada is a sure bet.