Does your Age Limit Your Chances of Going to Canada

Quite a number of children, youths and adults of different ages from foreign countries have a goal or mindset of migrating to Canada, either for visitation and tourism benefits or as a permanent resident. Of all the necessary documents and information needed, you might wanna consider the different age brackets which guarantee your entry as either a Permanent resident or a visitor.

What age bracket increases your chances?

Applicants within the working age group, i.e, 18 – 30 have a higher chance of getting an ITA, (Invitation To Apply). An ITA is an express entry method into Canada and it makes do with points ranking allocated to applicants who are looking forward to making gains and impact in the labour market.

This Express Entry/ Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) many at times, is not suitable for age groups above 30 because they are considered less functional in the labour market, so standby measures have been put in place for candidates above the favourable working class and those that might have difficulties attaining the required CRS score for an Invitation To Apply in the labour market.

The System keeps records of candidates work experience in the country and period of education. This Comprehensive Ranking System and Express Entry system is implemented in such a way that it is favourable to all kinds of candidates. During the course of this Express Entry system, candidates are majorly scored according to their age and their partner’s age.

So therefore, it is advisable to apply for this ITA system as early as possible to have a higher chance of being secured in the labour market. The Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) has a method of distributing it’s points, for example, Candidates with potentials of value addition to the economy are allocated with about 460-500 points. Such candidate include those within the working age class, those with a high level of education, candidates with fluent official language speaking and those with a few years of work experience.

Also, candidates with skill set transferability are awarded 100 points. Moreover, candidates experiencing domestic issues with their partners are scored with 40 points. There are also candidates who have been legally nominated by a province with a job offer, they are scored 600 points.

The total points that could be scored by a candidate in a CRS is 1200 points. An individual or applicant can receive an ITA if such individual attains a Comprehensive Ranking System score between 415-460 points. The older an individual gets, the lesser the CRS points allocated to such individual for the working class category.