Important Tips on Residing and Having a Career in Canada

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a country to immigrate to, is how easy it will be living with your culture amongst other cultures. In this regard, Canada is one country that excels well, as they have adopted a policy of multiculturalism with a focus on inclusion of peoples from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, the government of the country has established different programs to cater to the needs and wants of immigrants residing in the country, especially those pursuing a career.

There are many ways to gain permanent residency in Canada, and by extension in any country, but not many offer the method of work permit as Canada does. Canada is a country that offers a lot of opportunities for you to grow your career, and many people aim to get into Canada every year primarily for work purposes. If you’re thinking of residing in and having a career in Canada, you need to know which job roles/positions are in high demand in the country, and which sectors you’re more likely to gain a work permit into.

Of all job sectors in the country, the sales and service sector has the largest number of job opportunities, with about 34.9% which equates to over one-third of job opportunities. The transport trade sector follows with a cut of 12.8%.

Job opportunities in these sectors are distributed between the following roles: skilled labor including software developers and Information Technology (IT) professionals and nursing, and unskilled labor including customer service agents, cooks, chefs, traders, laborers and general help agents.

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