What You Need to Know About Canadian Foreign Worker Program

Canada is among the world’s largest employers of foreign labor, and this is due in one part to the high quantity of jobs available in relation to available domestic labor, and the other to the abundant cheap labor provided by foreign workers. This led to the creation of the Foreign Worker Program, which has significantly made it easier for Canadian firms to hire foreign labor, and for foreign workers to migrate into the country to work.

The Foreign Worker Program doesn’t discriminate across skill levels; foreign workers with different skill sets can secure jobs in Canadian companies through the program. The only requirement for joining the program is a Canadian work permit.

Once you get your work permit, you can proceed to Canada on temporary residence. The work permit you’re given usually has a duration, after which you’d need to renew it or leave the country. If later on, you decide to reside permanently in the country, there are some Canadian immigration programs that could help you achieve this, namely: the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs).

The CEC is one of the programs under the Express Entry immigration program, and it requires you to have been working in Canada. Even then, you will still have to be considered and approved by the system.

If you fail to gain permanent residence via the CEC program, you can still apply to any of the PNPs. As long as you’re employed in skilled labor and you’ve been working for at least one year, the chances of you securing permanent residence in Canada as a foreign worker are high.

You have two options:

  1. Get Started with Express Entry
  2. Get started with Provincial Nomination Program

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