Required Steps to Get Nova Scotia Province Invitation to Apply (ITA)

When applying for job opportunities, Permanent Residencee, or even Citizenship in Canada, certain essential documents, cards and information are needed, an ITA being one of the essentials. ITA means Invitation To Apply, so as the name implies, it’s basically an invitation to apply for jobs or citizenship in Canada. On getting this ITA, it’s a qualification of individuals to apply within any province in the country, Canada.

For Nova Scotia Canada province, there are certain efforts to be put in place to obtain an ITA, efforts of such are your level of interest in the application, a possession of your own work permit, a request made for the provincial nomination, a tete-a-tete communication with an employer, even the application of a Permanent Residence document. All of these are efforts that enable quick qualification of receiving an ITA. Although, there are certain requirements that must have been met before such efforts are applied.

The International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream on the other hand, recruits successful graduates from the Nova Scotia province. The graduates who are qualified for the recruitment process into this Entrepreneur Stream are those applicants who have successfully operated on a business for at least a year and also, is a post graduate with his or her work permit. Interested candidates who are willing to apply should also be able to make efforts of expressing their interests in this stream, going through personal interviews with an employer, also, filing a permanent residence document.

On the Nova Scotia province, certain requirements as indicated earlier, for the qualifications of making efforts to apply include;

1.  AGE LIMIT- Candidates who are willing to apply for a Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream must be of ages 21 and above.

2.  PERMANENT RESIDENCE STATUS – Candidates must have a desire to live permanently in Nova Scotia as an Entrepreneur of a business.

3.  BUSINESS WORTH – The worth of the business should not be less than $600,000, also, the basic investment of the business should not be less than $150,000.

4.  EXPERIENCE – Candidates should have had at least 3 years of experience of governing an owned commercial firm (minimum 33% ownership) OR above 5 years of experience as Senior Business Manager or above hierarchy.

5.  LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY – Candidates should have attained at least 5 points to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English or French.

International Graduates Entrepreneur Stream also has specific requirements which could ascertain whether candidates should take steps towards application or not. Such requirements include;

1. LEVEL OF EDUCATION IN NOVA SCOTIA – Applicants must have completed a degree or diploma along with at least two academic years of full-time course, in-person study, either at the Nova Scotia Community College or in a tertiary institution of learning (university) in Nova Scotia.

2. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY – Applicants must score at least 7 point to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English or French.

3. EXPERIENCE – Applicants must have at least one year of unbreakable experience of owning or managing the present Nova Scotia business (100 per cent of ownership).

4. PERMANENT RESIDENCE STATUS – Applicants must have the desire to settle in Nova Scotia permanently and own or actively participate or manage business in the province of Nova Scotia.

It is also very important for the post graduates to have a valid work permit.

The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream is basically for the purpose of promoting candidates who have owned a successful business for at least a year and met other necessary requirements.