How to Become a Citizen in Belgium Through Refugee Program

Belgium being one of the founding countries of the European Union, is a country with a high rank in the western world. Belgium has an approximate population of 11 million people and covers a ground area of about 11,800 square miles. It is the host of the European Union and some other major organisations.

For refugees who have plans or hopes for applying for the asylum in Belgium, it’s not an application that can be processed at the embassy or even outside the nation. The following are the legal ways an individual can enter Belgium in the first place.

Through Visa Schengen Belgium

The applicants who have successfully attained this are advised to turn themselves in and get to the police station.

Now why would an individual want to apply for a Belgian asylum in the first place? The answer is simple and that is because of its numerous benefits. Refugees in a Belgian asylum are privileged in the following ways.

Refugees have equal rights and civic duties under the law, regardless of their country of origin and nationality, also, education in Belgium for refugees is free. They also have the privilege of cheap and available public transportation. Refugees can apply for full citizenship program after a minimum of 5years of residing in the country.

There are also available and numerous job opportunities a refugee can apply for, most especially in disciplines relating to ICT, Accounting and Engineering. Belgium has a strong influence on the European Union due to the solid background and economical grounds.

What steps should be taken to become a Belgian citizen from an immigrant?

The initial step a person should take is to find a route to the country’s border and submit himself to the security in charge. Once a person has arrived in Belgium and surrendered himself, the refugee is placed in a refugee camp where a common room of 6 people is either in a room alone, depending on the capacity of each room. The person enters an asylum interview where he answers questions about himself, questions such as, where is such persons from? Why did such persons come to Belgium? How did he get to Belgium? These investigators have many translators who determine the nationality of the refugees, so lying is almost impossible.

The next step is to accept the asylum, after this, the state asks the person to find a place to rent. After finding a house and registering in the municipality, the state pays you a monthly salary of 800 – 860 euros for the single person and 1100 euros for the husband and wife.

As powerful as Belgium is, it does not have the right to return refugees to countries that suffer from difficult economic conditions, it is clearly stated in the refugees issue.