Top 5 Easiest Countries You Can Migrate to in Europe

For business minded individuals, immigrants, tourists and other individuals who might be interested in dwelling in European countries temporarily or permanently, here are a few countries in Europe that entail the most benefits as a citizen of these countries. Being a citizen of a country, you are recognized as a member of the nation with equal privileges under the law of the nation.

The benefits of being a member of a nation include active participation in the social contract every other citizen has. Such contracts include political participation, social works, e.t.c. Although acquiring a citizenship status is a very long process, individuals would rather travel out to acquire a temporary residence for a few specified months or years. Here are some of the top choice European countries to be considered when traveling to the continent.


The major conditions of becoming a citizen of Sweden are simple and straightforward. Any individual who has spent a minimum of 18 years without a criminal record, any individual who has also resided in the country for 5 years consecutively, is qualified to apply for citizenship of the nation. The country is located at the northern part of the nation, became a member of the European Union in the year 1995. The nation is populated with over 10 million people.


The conditions of becoming a Czech Republican used to have unfavorable rules. Rules such as having to forfeit your home citizenship to become a citizen of the nation. All these changed when the nation joined the European Union in 2004. It has an estimate of 10 million citizens. An individual must have resided in the country for at least 5 years with no criminal record prior to when such individual became a resident of the country. Acquiring the home tongue and becoming proficient in their language is also a very important factor. The nation is located at the center of the European continent.


The conditions for applying for citizenship in France is quite similar to that of the Czech Republic. An individual should have resided in the nation for at least 5 years with a clean criminal record. Such individual also needs to be proficient with the nation’s language. France is said to be the most beautiful nation in the world due to its numerous attraction centers and beaches. This has totaled the population to about 66 million citizens of the nation.


Becoming a citizen of this nation, such individual must be 18 years and above, such individual should also understand the Romanian culture, legal constitution and down to their national anthem. An aspiring Romanian Citizen must have spent at least 5 stainless years of criminal record and also lived a decent, responsible life. The nation was roughly populated with about 20 million citizens as at the time they became a part of the European Union in 2007.


The united kingdom has the following conditions of acquiring citizenship. Similarly to other nations, you must have spent a minimum of 5-year residing in the nation without traveling out of the country’s borders for 450 days. The applicant should also be 18 years and above and also be proficient in the English language. The United Kingdom consists of two great nations which are Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The nation was one of the earliest founders of the European Union. They joined in the year 1973 and noted a population of about 64 million citizens.

Candidates might not just be all about becoming a citizen. Some individuals could apply for temporary residence, travel out for work or tourist purposes. For other individuals who might be interested in applying for citizenship, the major ways to apply by naturalization are;

  • To become language proficient
  • Participating in social activities
  • Participating in customs and traditions
  • Having a clean criminal record