Do Canadian Companies Employ Foreigners?

Have you ever nursed the idea of working with a Canadian firm or in Canada but got turned off by the notion that Canadian companies only hire citizens and locals? It’s time to revisit that ambition because it is very possible to work in a Canadian firm as a foreigner.

There are quite a number of companies in Canada that offer employment to both locals and foreigners alike. There is not an element of discrimination when it comes to the selection of personnel in such companies.

Getting a job in Canada as a foreigner is also not dependent on the job class. From menial jobs to top corporate jobs, companies are hiring foreigners in Canada every year. In addition, you could either apply for these jobs from your country of residence and then go ahead to Canada to complete the process or go over to Canada and physically visit companies to tender your application, whichever works for you is acceptable.

One issue you would want to pay attention to as a foreign prospective worker is the system of welfare Canadian companies have in place for their foreign workers. The package varies from company to company, some companies will employ you with a full package, accommodation, transportation, feeding, all covered. On the other hand, some companies will pay you comprehensively enough for you to cater for all such needs on your own account.

Companies hiring foreigners include Sandbox, Shopify, Sensibill, Slack, Lighthouse Labs, Elastic Path amongst others. You can find some others by looking online. Be careful so as not to play prey to scammers when doing this.