Documents You Need Before Entering Canada

As an immigrant to Canada, you will certainly pass through a port of entry when traveling into the country. As suggested by the name, a Port of Entry (PoE) is a place where entry can be made lawfully into a country from another. Depending on where you’re coming from, you could enter Canada through different Ports of Entry.

It would be quite naive to expect to pass through a Canadian Port of Entry, or that of any country for that matter, without any hindrances or intermediary processes. Just like when you were applying to qualify for immigration into the country, you’d need a moderate amount of paperwork and examinations before you can be granted entry into Canada through one of its Ports of Entry. In this article, we cover what you should expect at a Canadian Port of Entry, and the things you should have with you when going there.

Official Processes

Genuine and Eligible Documents: Regardless of what may have transpired during your immigration application process, your documents would be checked for genuineness. They will also be checked for eligibility for the program through which you’re immigrating into the country.

Health Status: Most immigrants passing through Canadian Ports of Entry would have their health status checked to see if they meet the health requirements of Canadian Immigration laws.

International Students: International students would need adequate clearance from the officials in charge of the Port of Entry through which you pass, before being allowed entry into Canada. This is done regardless of whether you’re coming in to the country as a student for the first time, or you’re returning. International students also need to tender their acceptance letter into the school they’ll be attending, and let the Border Service Officer know what course they’ll be studying In the school.

Immigration with belongings: If you’re planning to pass through a Port of Entry into Canada with your goods and belongings, you will be required to disclose what type of goods they are, and fill a Canada Border Services Declaration Card.

Documents & Paperwork (REQUIRED)

1. Port of Entry letter.
2. Letter of introduction from the Canadian embassy or visa office (international students).
3. Temporary resident visa (Residential permit).
4. Passport photograph.
5. Proof of Health Insurance.
6. Proof of minimum income threshold.

OPTIONAL (Wherever it applies)

1. Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).
2. Return ticket from Canada.
3. Declaration of personal belongings (names and worth).
4. Supplementary questions.