Read the Sad Story of a Migrant Stuck in Libya

I wanted to travel to Europe with my brother, but we didn’t have enough money. Even though we tried to get the money to legally cross to Europe, all the money we gathered wasn’t enough and this is the story of many Africans trying to start a new life abroad.

After several years of trying to get a visa legally and move to Canada, we finally decided to cross to Europe through Libya. At this point, I will advise anyone trying to go to Europe through Libya not to do it. It was the biggest mistake of my life. We met a guy who organized the trip to Libya and he was supposed to connect us with a boat that would get us across to Europe.

Before going. we’ve heard several cases of boats capsizing, people being sold into slavery, and several other horror stories. We didn’t care because our mind was already made up.

Traveling by bus, crossing the desert, and passing through several countries, we finally got to Libya. On getting there, we got the greatest shocker of our lives. We were sold into slavery. We were free men in our country but we got sold into slavery in Libya.

There are several black Africans being sold into slavery in Libya. Some women are also forced into doing unimaginable things. Things got so bad I regretted trying to migrate to Europe illegally through Libya.

We somehow managed to escape but we really suffered.

My advice to you

If you are an African who wants to start a new life abroad, don’t go through Libya or Morrocco. Get your visa legally. If you’re going to Canada, you should consider programs like Express Entry or the Federal Skilled Worker program.

Human traffickers are everywhere, be careful.