Canada Has a Serious Shortage of Workers

The Canadian Labour Force has an ever-increasing rate and so are the jobs created. As much as the available labor force, there is still a labor shortage in the Canadian Labour market. This is linked majorly to the mismatch of the labor force and the available jobs mismatch. That is, whatever province the quality jobs in the labor market are, the lesser the capable labor force in such provinces


Surveys and researches show that Canadians are unwilling to travel away from the social and family circle because of work, so they remain in areas where the Jobs available are in mismatch with their capabilities. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business recorded a shortage in the Canadian Labour Market due to these reasons.

They also recorded a shortage of certain fields such as the Construction, industrial and personal service fields. The rate of shortage of workers in the Construction and industrial field was rated 4.5% and 3.7% respectively.

Areas or provinces where Industrial and healthcare workers are also suffering a shortage is due to the amount of incapable candidates in such areas or provinces. Due to shortages like this, productivity in such areas are reduced drastically and this has raised panic for the Canadian government. The only beneficials are the current employees who gain extra wages from their employers.


Considering the facts that the rate of shortage is becoming alarming, there is a simple way out. Having said earlier that the Canadians find it difficult to migrate provincially because of work, the government should initiate policies that would make interprovincial migration easier.

If candidates within the work force and with a work permit are granted access to migrate within provinces without excess documentation and stress, licenced workers would find migration more convenient.

This therefore would reduce the rate of shortage in areas and fields where there are unavailable qualified candidates.