Caregiver Canada Permanent Residence – How To Apply

There is a growing demand for caregivers in Canada. Caregivers that started working temporarily can apply for permanent residence after staying in the country for two years or more. Here are the ways to get started and what each work category entails.

Taking care of children

  • This category includes nannies or live-in caregivers.
  • Such immigrants must have at least two years of experience as a home childcare provider or support worker.
  • You’re expected to have the Canadian Language Benchmark of Level 5 in English or French. This covers language ability for studying, talking and listening.
  • The candidate must have completed a minimum of 12-months secondary schooling in Canada or any other country.

It should be noted that the 2019 program is currently being assessed by the federal government and will eventually close in November.

Taking care of individuals with medical needs

If you’re planning to take care of individuals with medical needs, your work experience can be under any of these categories.

  • Licensed nurses certified (NOC 3233)
  • Nurses and psychiatric nurses (NOC 3012)
  • Patient service associates, nurse aides, and orderlies (NOC 3413)
  • Occupations that fall under home support workers. This doesn’t include housekeepers (NOC 4412)

Caregivers that fall under this category must have a Canadian work permit and at least two working experience in the field. A nurse or a psychiatric nurse should have attained the Canadian Benchmark of level 7 in English or French.

You need at least the Canadian Language Benchmark of level 7 if your work experience is among the other categories listed above. You should have finished at least 12-months publish-secondary training in Canada or some other foreign country equal to Canada.

Live-in caregiver

Unfortunately, the Canadian government has put an end to this program since 2014. However, immigrants that have been living in Canada for some years can still apply.

Factors that will determine your eligibility:

  • At least 2 years experience as a live-in caregiver.
  • You are expected to have completed around 3900 hours of full-time employment in 22 months.
  • Work experience should be within the first 4 years of your arrival in the country.