Things You Should Understand Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

Several immigration application forms get denied every year due to one reason or the other. Hiring a licensed immigration lawyer can go a long way to make the process faster and it’s possible to spend less money.

Sadly, some applicants still get scammed by fake lawyers or travel agencies and this can be frustrating. There are instances where certain lawyers deliberately slowed down the application process in a bid to extort them.

Keep reading to discover the factors you must consider before working with any immigration lawyer.


Apart from graduating from a standard law school, s/he must be a member of a provincial law association. There is nothing wrong with finding more information about the lawyer  You can also juxtapose the information on the province bar association website.

Years Of Practice

Work with a lawyer with several years of experience in practicing Canadian law. He will be able to represent your best interests. Having an in-depth knowledge of immigration laws isn’t enough.

Similar case

Ask whether the lawyer has worked on similar cases in the past and his success rate. This is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an immigration lawyer. For instance, he must have the expertise to handle cases such as inadmissibility in case it arises.

Billing And Mode Of Payment

Reputable lawyers are often transparent with their services and fees. Choose a lawyer that offers a contract that contains a clear explanation of their charges without any hidden cost. Don’t expect the lawyer to handle all the application process for you.

For instance, each applicant will participate in the language test on their own. However, this doesn’t mean that your lawyer can’t offer insight and guide you during the process.