How To Apply For Temporary Work Permit in Canada

Several foreign workers in Canada are employed through the temporary Work Permit every year. You need to receive a job offer from a Canadian employer before you can apply for this permit.

A foreign worker can also obtain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to gain access to Canada. Here are the steps to take when applying for a Temporary Work Permit in Canada. These will go a long way to determine your eligibility.

Each applicant is expected to:

  • Healthy and pass the medical examination.
  • Prove that s/he will leave the country once their work permit expires.
  • Show that they can meet their financial needs throughout their stay in the country.
  • Have no plans to work for an ineligible employer.

Such immigrant must fill the positive labor market impact assessment (LMIA) form which is usually issued by the ESDC. If the request is approved, the next thing is that the employer should give the foreign worker a comprehensive temporary offer. A copy of the positive LMIA must be included too.

Here are the conditions that the temporary job offer should satisfy.

  • The job offer must be real.
  • Information about the exact date the foreign worker will start and end the job.
  • Details about the employee’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Comprehensive information about the mode of payment and remuneration.

The required fees must be paid before submitting the application form to the ESDC. Check out some of the documents that a foreign worker must-have for a Temporary Work Permit.

  • A valid passport.
  • Proof that you meet the job requirements.
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • A completed application form for a Temporary Resident Visa.
  • A completed application form for a work permit.

In case the company of the Canadian employer is based in Quebec, the employee may be required to get a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) before s/he can work in the province. A Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) will offer the Temporary Work Permit once you reach Canada.