What Does It Cost To Live In Canada?

Canada has remained one of the top destination spots for millions of immigrants worldwide. It embraces democracy and welcomes individuals from different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs.

Since you want to immigrate to Canada for a better quality of life, you should have a better understanding of how what to expect in terms of finances. The cost of living in rural areas and cities differs.

Here are the things you should know regarding the cost of living in the North American country.

Is Canada expensive?

The first factor you need to consider is the exchange rates. Try to compare your home currency with the Canadian dollars. Some exchange rate services are only after their selfish interests.

The best thing is to rely on the currency converter to know the current market exchange rate during conversion. The Canadian currency is often denoted by $,  C$, CAN$ or CAD. This is to differentiate if from other currency that is based in dollars.

Let’s take a look at the average monthly living expenses in some provinces.


  • Internet: C$41
  • Student Dorm: C$600
  • Small Apartment: C$1100
  • Large Apartment: C$1700


  • Internet: C$38
  • Student Dorm: C$550
  • Small Apartment: C$640
  • Large Apartment: C$1100

Apart from noting the cost of living, you should be clear about the amount of money you will be earning monthly. The good thing the wages have been rising steadily in Canada although there is a difference between what people earn in the cities and the provinces. 

Average Salary for Toronto

  • Copywriter: C$35,130
  • Graphic designer: C$37,966
  • Web Developer: C$43,663
  • Receptionist: C$23,763
  • Financial Analyst: 52,067
  • Teacher: C$40,439
  • Product Manager: C$69,402

Average Salary For Montreal

  • Copywriter: C$33,534
  • Graphic Designer: C$33,831
  • Teacher: C$37,889
  • Financial Analyst: C$42,722
  • Web Developer: C$42,015
  • Product Manager: C$59,398
  • Receptionist: C$22,486

Healthcare In Canada

Canada offers a free healthcare program which is funded by a distinctive tax system. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer immigrating to Canada. The health care system isn’t completely free as the average Canadian is expected to pay around C$4,222 each year.

Transportation Cost

The cheapest means to move around in Canada is to use public transit. It’s far cost-effective than renting a vehicle.

  • Transportation Prices for Canada
  • Taxi 1hr: C$33.00
  • Taxi 1KM: C$1.85
  • Bus Ticket Single Use: C$3.15
  • Monthly Bus/Transport Pass: C$95

Feeding In Canada

Here is your food budget if you decide to visit restaurants daily. This budget includes tips and taxes.

  • Breakfast: C$8-C$25
  • Lunch: C$8-C$25
  • Dinner: C$11-C$45

Canada is unarguably an ideal place to move to whether you’re furthering your education or want to work. The standard of living in the country is still affordable compared to some European countries.