Essential Things To Consider While Applying For Canadian Visa

Canada is one of the top destinations for people who want to improve their quality of life. The Canadian government is proactive about immigration because it’s crucial for economic growth and development. The country is welcoming to people of diverse culture and beliefs.

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada?

Each applicant is expected to prove their financial strength before processing any visa. Here are the steps you must follow.

1. Confirm your eligibility

  • An applicant must be healthy and present their medical history.
  • A valid international passport.
  • You should be able to pull your financial weight during your stay in Canada.
  • Proof of ties with your country. This may include having family members or assets that will motivate you to travel back once your permit has expired.

The Canadian authorities can decide to deny your visa application if they discover a false claim or pose any security risk.

2. Fill the application form

  • It’s important to provide a genuine purpose for immigrating to Canada. This is a must regardless of the type of visa you’re applying for.
  • Double-check to confirm whether you’ve filled every section of the application form and attach the necessary documents.

3. Fill the VFS consent form

Your application will be forwarded to you if you fail to include a completed VFS consent form. Endeavor to attach it to your visa application form.

4. Payment of the visa and bio-metric fees:

Pay the required fees at your Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC) early on.

5. Submit your application form:

You must bring along all the completed forms, recent passport photographs and proof of all fees paid when visiting your local Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC). The biometric registration can be done whenever its time to submit your application form.

6. Payment Of Service Charges:

You will be given a receipt after submitting the application form and paying the service charges at the CVAC, pay the service charges. The receipt will come in handy to help you monitor the progress of your application as it comes with a unique tracking number.