How To Spot Scam Work Abroad Job Opportunities

Many immigrants often try their best to secure a good job before moving to Canada. However, care must be taken to avoid falling victims to fake work abroad job offers. This is the key to maximizing your resources during the immigration process.

We are in the digital age and sending letters via mail is no longer relevant. Due to this development, immigrants are at a higher risk of being scammed than before. Read on.

Request to pay a certain fee

Some Canadian immigrants often face rejection and frustration. This can make them desperate to secure a job by any means. The truth is that reputable job placement agencies rarely prospective employees to pay a fee before they can be considered for employment.

Avoid dealing with such agencies to be on the safer side. It’s the employer that will pay the agencies for their services. If a job offer sounds too good to be true, then the best thing is to research online and contact the company directly.

Entering the company’s name in search engines can reveal a lot of information. Ensure that you don’t skip this step. These scam agencies will claim that the package includes Work Permit or free Visa.

Asking for sensitive information

It’s common for employers to attempt to get more of your information. They usually take this step to verify the information on your resume. A potential employer should never ask for personal information like your credit card number or social insurance number.

Any authentic company can get all the information they need in a resume. Ensure that you don’t share any other detail that isn’t part of your resume.

Follow your intuition

If you start feeling that something isn’t right with the job offer, then it probably is. Never ignore your intuition during the process. There are instances where immigrants have even been interviewed by the employer later to discover that they are into shady deals.