Canadian Business Immigration Program: All You Need to Know

One of the Immigration programs that Canada has put in place to facilitate the immigration of foreigners into Canada, in this case especially to aid the development of its economy, is the Canada Business Immigration Programs.

The Canada Business Immigration is structured in such a way that people who have business ideas that are viable in driving forward the economy of Canada can make applications for immigration. This group of people houses some categories namely business visitors, sole business owners and financial professionals respectively.

As with every other Canadian immigration schemes, not just every Tom, Dick and Harry can apply under the Business Immigration Program. There are rules guiding the eligibility of applicants. Let’s take a quick look at some of them for each of the categories already highlighted.


For sole business owners, the eligibility requirements are quite straightforward. Albeit, there are two further divisions in this category. It has been streamlined to either applicants that have been involved and boast of experience in farm operations or purely business minded individuals who can afford to start up a business venture on arrival in Canada. People in the latter category who are even more financially buoyant to acquire an already running business in Canada are free to apply.


 Business visitors, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), are the people who intend to visit Canada for a short time while transacting business there.

The people in this category must be ready to contribute significantly to the growth of the Canadian economy even in the short duration of their stay.

They should also be capable of initiating and sustaining profitable business relationships in the international market.


These are the people who are classified as investors. They are not just required to have owned or run a business for some time but further than that, they’re required to be capable of investing heavily in the Canadian market.

They must boast of top-notch managerial skills and of course, a strong asset index, not less than USD 1,600,000 made through solely personal concerted efforts. To add to, such people should have nothing less than USD $800,000 recorded as contributions to the Provincial and Territorial Funds in the CIC Department.

The main goal of the Canadian Business Immigration Program is to encourage positive participation of immigrants in the growth of the Canadian Economy. So, if you are interested in running with that vision, you now have enough information as to which of the categories you’d fit into.