Essential Documents Required for the Quebec Immigration Program

When thinking of migrating to Canada, one of the common issues that come to mind is which of the Canadian provinces will do.

One of the provinces that the Canadian government has granted some level of autonomy in its immigration operations is the Quebec Province and that is why when immigration applications are being considered, Quebec is separately attended to.

If you are considering Quebec as your immigration destination, one thing you need to know is that French is the official language in Quebec. So, a satisfactory level of fluency in the French language will be a definite plus for applicants. This is not to say, however, that non speakers of French are outrightly disqualified from applying under the Quebec Immigration Program.

Let’s get down to brass tacks here. We’re taking a look at the essential documents required for application under the Quebec Immigration Program.

Needed Documents

It is very noteworthy to mention that having the complete required documents is not sufficient to qualify your application for review and processing. What’s more important is the compliance to the specified QIP (Quebec Immigration Program) format that will be contained in some form you will be given. If you do not adhere strictly to the specified format, your application risks nullification.

Below are some of the essential documents you will need  to present photocopies of  during your application:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Cerificate (If Currently Married), or Certificate of Separation (If Divorced from Spouse) or A Death Certificate of Spouse (If Applicable)
  • Authentic Passport or International Identification
  • Documents reflecting Educational History, especially applicable to international students
  • Authentic Residency Permit for applicants residing outside their native countries.
  • Documents reflecting Work History whether as a sole proprietor or an employee

Those are some of the essential documents you’ll need for the Quebec Immigration Program. Where applicable, applicants can also be required to submit original photographs (passport sized) of any family  member or relative they intend to take along with them to Quebec.

One more thing, in order to confirm the legitimacy of the documents showing work history of the applicant, it will be required that the applicant submits original copies of Tax history.