Working in Canada with the Foreign Worker Program

Some Canadian cities had to deal with the issue of labor shortage in the past because there were more jobs than employees. Government and business owners lost massive revenue as a result of this.

The Foreign Worker Program was later introduced to provide different companies in Canada with eligible workers each time a labor shortage arises. This program is targeted at immigrants who are willing to work in the country.

Most Canadian companies have realized that it’s cheaper to hire foreign workers as they are ready to work for lower wages than Canadian. It’s not surprising that more foreign employees are hired in the past few years. You can also take this route to get decent employment in Canada.

Workers from different industries and skill levels can get jobs through the Foreign Worker Program. Such workers can include specialist doctors, cleaners, drivers and engineers. You need to obtain a work permit if you’re planning to move to Canada as a foreign worker.

How foreign workers can become permanent residents

Immigrants choose to settle down permanently in Canada due to different reasons. It’s common for several foreign workers to transition to permanent residents in the country.

The Canadian economic immigration programs often use work experience as a yardstick to determine eligibility. A foreign worker that has a minimum of 1-year skilled employment in Canada can be qualified under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

This is among the federal programs that are run in the Express Entry system. Taking this step can increase your chances of being invited to qualify for Canada PR.

You will still have access to other options under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) if you’re unable to meet the Express Entry requirements. Another thing to note is that you must be able to secure a job for at least one year before becoming a permanent residence in Canada.